Protecting Coral Reefs

By Cole Fox and Amari Matthews


    There are trillions of fish on this planet, but where do they live? After conducting some research, we found that most fish live in beautiful, colorful places called coral reefs. Through our research we found out that the coral reefs are dying, due to human impact. Coral is in fact alive, and is endangered because of us. Exactly why is this tragic event occurring? That’s why we chose “protecting coral reefs” as our topic for this science project. Did you ever stop to think that the activities we perform every day are killing these essential organisms that provide shelter and food, and other necessities for millions of fish. Not only are the coral reefs helping the fish, but they look spectacular, and fill the ocean with diversity and beauty. Coral is a very interesting organism and comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They start out as larvae, find a suitable spot to grow, and secrete their skeletons out around them. Toxic material dumped in the ocean by humans can weaken these delicate creatures’ skeletons and even kill them. As a matter of fact, you can kill one by simply touching it. By destroying these creatures, we are damaging the ecosystem in the oceans, and affecting billions of lifeforms, including ourselves. We need to protect these special rarities in the ocean, and possibly find ways to make more of them.